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My name is Dennisa Villa, born and raised in Cebu, Philippines.
I moved here to California since 2012.
Back home, I majored in Linguistics and Arts at the University of San Carlos, Cebu, Philippines.
I’m a current Santa Monica College student, major in Broadcasting Journalism, transferring to a four-year university to get my degree here in the US.
I self-studied the English language when I was seven years old.
I would read piles of books that my grandfather had on his bookshelf.
I was in love with discovering new words. I think that’s how I became a logophilia.
I used to compete in journalistic competitions back in the Philippines. I was one of the chosen students to represent the school’s press conference. Now, this was just a part of school activity. However, at that moment, I think it led me to discover my forte. It took me several years to figure out what exactly I want to do in life. There are so many career options in the world, but journalism got my heart. That’s how my passion in English language, writing and public speaking sprouted.

I created this site to share beautiful and heart-captivating stories of people, places, experiences, and ideas in Southern California, particularly in Santa Monica and Venice Beach.


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One of the exciting stories I want to feature is the Venice Beach Art Wall, also known as ” Venice Graffiti Wall.”
This iconic beach is a legacy of Southern California. As you walk in at the boardwalk or step in at the beach, it’s a whole different kingdom.
The local artists and vendors have their culture.
The public art wall is open on weekends and holidays on daylight hours.
You can participate in art wall painting with permission.
One of the organizations that curate the art walls is the STP or Setting the Pace foundation to maintain the living canvas with high-quality artwork and help creative artists.