Who’s Behind the Venice Beach Art Wall?

There’s something about Venice Beach that appealed to me.
It has its oasis of culture that impacted the rest of Los Angeles.
That’s why I am driven to find out more about this mysterious beach and share it with you.

When you enter Venice Beach, it’s like exploring a whole different world.
It is where the Bohemian spirits live; it’s the historic town of counter-cultural folks.
The typical artists you find in Venice Beach are free-spirited and hippies. They don’t follow the social norm.
They have an unconventional lifestyle, and that’s what makes Venice Beach.
They value art and self-expression over the social norm.
One of the beautiful attractions that stand out in Venice is the art walls.
The Venice Art Walls are the beautiful canvas of artists to express themselves in an open palette.

Dominick Schiano “Dee Dot” , Venice Beach Art Wall Manager

Dee Dot manages the art walls in Venice and the STP Foundation sponsors it.

STP stands for Setting the Pace Foundation. It’s a non-profit organization that supports and integrates the brilliant, the creative, and the imaginative.
Dee Dot was born in Long Island, New York, but he grew up in Metro Detroit.
He moved here in California without really having any plans what his life should be.
“There was no thought behind moving to California. It was not my choice, and that’s a whole long story. That’s another thing, but it wasn’t a choice.
To be out here wasn’t an option. It was a connection.
He had that long-life passion for art that inspired him to be an artist.
“Growing up throughout my life, I just remembered this. I’ve always doodled. I feel like that practice of doodling in growing up, the repetition in doing that stuff, I never believed in that, but small beliefs in doing that grew into something amazing with the right people believing in me such as STP and the foundations of the art walls in here.”

Dee Dot’s Art Work

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